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Beyonce ft Shakira-Beautiful Liar (Freemasons edit)

Ay! Ay!
(Nobody likes being played)

Oh, Beyoncé, Beyoncé
Oh, Shakira, Shakira

He said I’m worth it, his one desire
I know things about him that you wouldn’t want to read about
He kissed me, he’s a one and only beautiful liar
Tell me how you tolerate the things I just found out about

We’ll never know, why are we the ones who suffer?
I have to let go
He won’t be the one to cry

Ay! Let?s not kill the karma
Ay! Let?s not start a fight
Ay! It?s not worth the drama
For a beautiful liar

Oh! Can’t we laugh about it?
(Ha ha ha)
Oh! It’s not worth our time
Oh! We can live without him
Just a beautiful liar

I trusted him but when I followed you I saw you together
I didn’t know about you then ’til I saw you with him when, yeah
I walked in on your love scene, slow dancing
You stole everything, how can you say I did you wrong?

We’ll never know when the pain and heartbreak’s over
I have to let go
The innocence is gone!

Tell me how to forgive you when it’s me who’s ashamed
And I wish I could free you of the hurt and the pain
But the answer is simple, he’s the one to blame!

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