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Schiller feat. September – Breathe

Christopher von Deylen - Schiller

Christopher von Deylen - Schiller

Schiller is the main project of Christopher von Deylen (born October 1970) a German musician, composer and producer. Christopher Von Deylen doesn’t provide vocals for any of his compositions. Instead, he chooses to collaborate with singers from within and outside of Germany, the most famous, i think is I feel you and Dream of you both feauring Peter Heppner and also like this one Schiller ft Kim Sanders – Dancing With Loneliness posted earlier

I need a vision,
A straight line back to you.
Just give me a reason
To do what lovers do.

I need to know you.
Don’t say you ever did.
And if I could hold you.
It’s time to set me free,
It’s time to set me free,
It’s time to set me free.

I can’t breathe my love.
I’m swimming in the dark nearside you.
Can’t get you find a friend.
But you’ve got me lost again.

I can’t breathe my love.
We’re following the path behind you.
But somehow I’m lost again.
Is this the bitter end? For us.

You could have been some light.
To my reflected moon.
A warmer december.
It keep me cold in june.

We should have get flying.
Rise an distant sky.
But we’re winter landed.
Where feelings come to die,
Where feelings come to die.


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