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Jason Chance feat. Michelle Weeks – Looking Forward (Vocal Mix)

sometimes, we have people dictate to us who we are or who we should be
even what we are worth
but the truth is
only you can make that fine decision
what are you going to do
ive bet you duno yorself worth
so i suggest y look forward and move on

i’ve been up and i’ve been down
ive been totally close to the ground

had my heart broken a thousand times
love always treated me so unkind
its such

andi know i gotta make amends,
i got my future right here in my hand
i’m gonna do it for me
gotta make sure to take care of me
nobody said it would be easy
what will be will be

i am looking forward and i’ll never turn back
my mind is focused and i’m stayin on track
know what i gotta go

it doesn’t matter what happened in the past
it doesn’t matter if right now you are picking up all of the pieces
i know what i gotta do
and u know what u gotta do
gotta keep on moving, no turning back
i have the heartbreak, the pain, the turbulence, but i know i can lean on myself
and as long as i can keep my head up, and looking forward, im gonna make it through


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