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Gloria Estefan – Everlasting Love

back to 1994!

Hearts go astray
Leaving hurt when they go
I went away
Just when you needed me so

Filled with regret
I come back beggin’ you
Forgive, forget
Where’s the love we once knew?

Open up your eyes
Then you’ll realize
Here I stand with my
Everlastin’ love

Need you by my side
Wanna be your bride
You’ll never be denied
Everlastin’ love

From the very start
Open up your heart
Be a lastin’ part of
Everlastin’ love
(Real love will last forever)
(Real love will last forever)

When life’s river flows
No one really knows
Till someone’s there to show
The way to lastin’ love

Like the sun that shines
Endlessly shines
You always will be mine
It’s eternal love

When other loves are gone
Ours will be strong
We have our very own
Everlastin’ love
(Real love will last forever)
(Real love will last forever)

You give me, you give me
You give me, everlastin’ love


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