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Cedric Gervais ft Jessica Sutta – Where Ever You Are

How do you get back
All that ever matters
How do you want to break out hearts
Into million pieces, shattered
I know I threw it all away
I made mistakes, I was so wrong
Now you’re gone
How can I make you come back home


Wherever you are, I will go
However far, I’ll follow
‘Til you’re in my arms
I can’t make it on my own

Whatever it takes, I will do
To find that road leading back to you
I will go wherever you are

[Jessica Sutta – Verse 2]

You were my day & night
My sunrise, my starry eyes
And then I lost my way
I was blinded, I couldn’t find it
So now I’m stumbling in the dark
Without your spark, everything is faded
Is there a way that I can change it?


Take me around the world
Cuz I gotta be your girl
You know you hold my faith
Cupped inside your hands
When I’m at your door
I hope you open them just once more
And you say, we can try again


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