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Sean Paul – Got 2 Luv U Ft. Alexis Jordan [Official Music Video]

Got to love you!

[Sean Paul]
Gyal mi nuh steal like dem waan dey report you don’t
Mi ready leave you weh you fire off the ground
Nuff a dem fake dem man a king a crown
Only thing keen bout dem self alone
Listen mi keen nuh baby tell a mi how mi sound
Ana weh dem likkle boy dey weh loose a brown
Mi alone ana make you start fi moan and groan
Cau mi an here lost strong like a stone
Girl cause,

[Alexis Jordan]
I, I’ll do anything I could for ya
Boy you’re my only
I, I’m gonna flip these beats on ya
You don’t even know me
Cause I am, I…I don’t even want to fight, fight, fight
Said I am, I…I ain’t even gonna fight it

[Sean Paul]
Girl an mi alone and give you security
And mi nuh just start fi mind yuh
Mi alone a give you the remedy fi set you free
Sum bwoy just waan fi hide you
That’s why mi you a lettin’
Girl I’m not pettin’
Ready fi make you sweatin’
Thist dem man checkin’
Lex them man settin’
Builf and hard steppin’
Mi cyaan loose I am bettin’

You were the sun,
Hard steppin’ girl, we’re not stoppin’
Got me spendin’, and you’ve all been
[But know it around
Good lovin’, Give yuh good lovin’
Boy you got me, can’t ignore it…
It’s me and you forever girl!


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