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Estelle – Back to Love [Official Video] & (Mikey J Radio Mix)

waiting for cool club mixes!

Estelle – Back To Love (Mikey J Radio Mix)

From the start I knew
Your heart was always for me but as we grow
Something changed down the road
Ain’t nothing I could say that could bring us back
To the same as before
Your head is over there you don’t feel the same
You don’t want me no more
We got to play the game I ain’t keepin’ scores cause

I’m much clearer now than I’ve ever been
Aha, thought I’ll be with you till the very end
Oh the road got long and things have changed
And you moved on and that’s okay because
I finally found my way back to love again

Yeah we changed and we grow
Some things will stay the same as the others pass
Takes a while, a while on the road
And so begins the ad as we reap and sow
Then the hurt, when you’re hurt
Stays pressin’ on your heart, stings and lets you know
That I feel how I feel
Courtesy of
Cuts deeper than a wound I refuse to heal but

It’s time to move on
Time to let go
This is nothing like we dreamed
We will end up
If I love you, I should let you go and change you
Cause I

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