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Gavin DeGraw – Stealing

You might really be
The very best woman to ever suit me
But I can’t expect you to see how I see
Cause sometimes I don’t see a thing
But personal pressure is making me guess
My time’s running out as we’re both getting dressed
I don’t know who’s body I’d rather feel pressed
But I cannot arrest on my thoughts

Cause we had a good time
Then it was sorrow
I call it stealing
You call it borrow
So I want my heart back
If you’re not gonna keep it
If you’ve got no uses
Then I’m gonna need it
And someone else
Is gonna need it too

While some of it’s here
I’m wondering where did the rest disappear
The parts that I thought were the best are unclear
Or hiding there under your doubt
So maybe we’ll call this a hard lesson learned
But you’re holding something that I’ll need returned
If you need some time
I’ve still got some to burn
But burning is just running thin

What would the point be
If we let this thing drag out
Failing to accept
These impressions passed around
Oh, you and I
It’s been a wild ride
And I wouldn’t change at all
But I’m gonna let you know


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