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Serge Devant & Rachael Starr – You and me ( official album version )

Other favorites by Serge Serge Devant – Addicted, Serge Devant ft. Hadley – Ghost, Serge Devant ft. Hadley – Ghost

and feat Rachael Starr from my all time favorite and first track on the blog David Vendetta & Rachael Starr – Bleeding Heart

things has a way of changing somehow from what you want them to be
just when you think when you know what you need now it still seems incomplete
you want to show me what i never seen but i want to see more
you want to take me where i’ve never been but ive been there before
cuz you and we could be, you make me feel so complete
and cant you see you are all i need without you there is more you and me

i can make things better,
if you just close your eyes.
and you see things clearer
this could be our night..

so lets just stay here together for now
we\ll take things as they come
no need to try and think through it somehow
just let it all come undone


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