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Above & Beyond feat. Richard Bedford – On My Way To Heaven (Official Video)

You always laugh when I cry
I’m always looking to tomorrow
As you mourn the days gone by

You always tread on my toes
But my guiding hand of love is helping everywhere you go
I’m always wrong, you’re always right
But I can see right through the lies to the never-changing lights

Rain on me, my arms are cold
I want to get home but there’s water on the road
And if I do, you will not change
I’m just a singing satellite and in all the good is change

I want to laugh, I want to smile
Get your arms inside my head and stop me thinking for a while
I’m just a fool hung on a sting
But since you put these stars around my head
You know I’m a king, a king
A king of everything and nothing

I’m on my way to heaven

I’m always here, I’m in denial
And when there’s nothing left between us
I will stay here another while
You know you’re free, you’ve got your wings
And I am just another angel with a voice who wants to sing, yeah yeah yeah
Almighty, I’m on my way to heaven, yeah yeah yeah

I’m on my way to heaven

I want to cry, I want to steal
The little ray of perfect sunshine
From the sun above their head


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