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MK – Burning (Vibe Mix)

Classic House at its finest from the legendary MK.
‘Burning’ is the quintessential MK tune. Nearly 20 years old yet sounding as fresh as the day it first surfaced, it still inspires clubbers and producers alike to this day. This is MK’s original Vibe Mix and it was released on Defected 12.10.11 with fresh new remixes from James Talk & Ridney and Round Table Knights

burning for you
burning for you

my body’s burning for you wanting and waiting for more
give me all that you can give me
i’m wanting more
you make me beg for more
caress me
your touch is sending me
bringing me down to reality

I need to have you need to hold you
gotta have you in my arms tonight
when i hold you squeeze you
i need to feel you next to me
move me
baby can you move me
take control of my body

i feel your body movin into the rhythms beat
your bodys moving
your wanting more
only i can give you more waiting
anticipating me bringing you down  to reality


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